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Are you one of those insane lovers of the watch who cannot get enough of buying watches? Do you love to wear a watch? Do you have a special place for watches in your heart? If you are of those enthusiasts who cannot stop yourself from buying a new watch when you confront a new store, then it is for sure that you are a true lover. There are many people who cannot step outside without wearing a watch. For most of us, our outfit does not get completed without completing it with a watch. Do you want to add a new watch to your collection? If yes, then there are various numerous aspects of a new watch that makes finding and purchasing one so wonderful. Nonetheless, it is essential to take your time and find an appropriate watch that compliments your personality and lifestyle or you might end up in exchanging or returning your purchase.

Here, we are going to pay attention to some of the essential factors that one requires to consider before buying the watches in Dubai. Some are pretty obvious, but you may not have paid attention to them before.

1. Style: A watch should look remarkable on your wrist. It comes in various shapes and sizes. In general, an individual can distinguish watches into one of the following styles that are mentioned below:





The style you should look for is based on when you plan on wearing your watch most commonly.

If you plan on wearing it to wearing it on formal events, such as- an exhibition, business events, board meetings, etc., then making an investment on a luxury watch is a smart decision. On the other hand, if you just want a traditional watch that appears good in numerous formal and informal settings, then it is recommended to get your hands on a casual or vintage watch. It would suffice. Lastly, if you’re an outdoorsman or athlete, then you should definitely go for a sport because it will comprise the characteristics and strength you are seeking in your desired watch.

2. Analog or Digital watch: Nowadays, the popularity of digital watches are gaining popularity in the market. It consists of the big numbers across the surface, shows the time similar to mobile phones. Analogue watches look a little bit traditional, it consists of clock hands and either roman digits around the outside.

Most sports watches consist of a digital interface, while luxury or casual watches include analogue faces. While digital watches are quite convenient to read and generally comprises the other features, they are a bit complex to use for many users, especially for those who don’t know much about them.

3. Characteristics: You need to determine what you’ll be using your watch for. Doing this will help you decide the style and its type as well. Even if you have made the decision of buying a basic watch, then you also need to decide how many more features you require? Maximum sports watches consist of a timer and stopwatch, but perhaps you’re seeking for a watch that includes the fascinating features, such as- GPS, a speed calculator (tachymeter), or multiple alarms.

If you’re purchasing a watch for camping purposes, then it is necessary to find a watch can be used for rough and tough use. Don’t buy too delicate watch while going out for activities like- camping, swimming, hiking, and many more.

4. Material: Given below are the most common materials that are used for the composition of band and case:






leather (just for the band)

Canvas and plastic watches do not good in appearance but are generally more robust and beneficial outside.

In comparison to canvas or plastic watches, the metal materials all look fascinating, but gold and silver watches are not all cost-effective. If you want to buy them, then you need to spend a handsome amount.

When it comes to the band, then leather is less durable, but it is lightweight and gives a traditional appearance to the watch.

5. Water Resistance: Nowadays, generally the majority of the watch companies construct watches that include the feature of water-resistant so that you don’t need to worry about some water pouring on it when you wash your hands or when you go out and rain starts pouring suddenly. However, many watches (typically sport) are either splashproof or ideal for swimming and diving. In addition to this, nowadays, every buyer wants to buy a watch that is worthy of the money which is invested in it.

7. Reputable brand: Don’t just buy a watch only for the style purpose also look for the reputable brand. It is always advisable to look out for an esteemed brand because such reliable enterprises want customers to get the product of the highest quality. They do not want to disappoint the customers by providing them with the lousy product. Such organizations want customers to spread the good word about their brand so that more and more customers will buy their watches. Make sure that the watch from where you are buying the watch has a rock-solid reputation in the market. An individual can review the brand’s reputation by just looking at their reviews and testimonials which are rendered by the customers and clients. Great reputation and brand recognition matter a lot.

8. Size of the dial and its style: The case and the outside of the watch’s face are referred to denote its dial. In general, select a dial size that compliments your wrist. If you have thin, small wrists, choose a dial that has a little height and diameter. In contrast to this, if you have thick wrists, then choose a larger face and taller cases.

9. Consider your wardrobe: If you have clothes of colours like- earthy brown, black, brown, grey, and green, then it is suggested to buy gold watches as such will look great during daytime. In contrast to this, silver, titanium, and grey watches look great at night and go quite well with black, blue, and grey.

10. Sources of power: Generally, there are 4 types of power sources for common watches that are mentioned below:

Mechanical: you have to wind these once in a day or so.

Automatic: these wind on their own. When you move your wrist around, then it will start winding.

Quartz: these consist of a battery that requires to be replaced with a new one in a few years.

Solar: It acquires power by the sun. If everything is working properly, then neither have to wind nor replace any of its components.

11. Luminosity: The light-up face feature is needed to be taken into account if you are expecting to use your watch at night a lot. You will be able to see the time conveniently at night time. You don’t need to struggle to see time during the night. In addition to this, you don’t need to go to a well-lit space to see time properly during the night if you have light-up face feature in your watch.

11. Watch’s weight: One last yet important factor that a buyer needs to consider is the weight of the watch. Some watches barely feel like they’re on your wrist, while others weigh similar to a huge brick. Buy a watch that is comfortable to wear. If you like a watch but want a lighter version, then try to find a watch similar to it.

Don’t buy a watch in a hasty manner, it is advisable to take some time, conduct research, and then buy a watch. Such activities will allow you to choose the best watch that goes quite well with your personality. Don’t rush into anything. Do not forget to consider these factors.

You can buy a stylish and awe-inspiring watch online as well. Try to buy a watch that fits really well within your budget. If you are unable to get a watch within your budget, then you can wait for the holiday season because at that time online portals introduce massive discounts and come up with attractive deals. Shopping during the holiday season can help you get your hands on the desired watch without facing a budget crunch.

In today’s digitalized world, it is not a nerve-wracking task to find an esteemed Gemstone Jewelry shop. As we know that the popularity of the gemstones is rising with every single passing. Not just ordinary people, even celebrities are asking for precious gemstones. All you have to do is search online and various portals of online shops will pop up in the results. Before buying the gemstone jewellery, make sure that you are getting the right product. There is no reason for spending the money on the fake gemstones. Gemstones look truly breathtaking that’s why they are the popular choice among celebrities. Now, shopping for the gemstones won’t be a daunting task.

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