diamond engagement ring

Choose Your Diamond

Choosing your Right diamond is made easier with our responsive and easy to choose selection patterns.

Price of a diamond depends upon its 4c’s (Cut, Carats, color, and Clarity) Also among all the internationally accredited gemological institutes, G.I.A is the most preferred and well known due to their strict certification policy and their certificate enhance the diamond as an investment for the end user.

In most scenarios where the budget is limited, searching a diamond with clarity up to si1 or si2 along with color range between f,g,h is recommended.

And it is absolutely a good investment to increase one's budget to select higher clarity (from vvs1 to vs2) without compromising on the color aspect.

diamond engagement ring

Choose your Ring Setting

Mostly when g.i.a certificate standardizes a diamond at si2 clarity, it is learned that other company would consider it an si1.

This is because of its strict standards in grading diamonds in their laboratory.

It shall also be a prominent advisory that when a diamond is set into a white gold or platinum metal,

It tends to look one grade higher than its actual color grade, this is due to the theory of reflection since white surface allows to light to reflect more than a dark surface.

Ring settings such as Prong Ring Set, Basel Set, Channel Set, Halo Ring, Split shank , Pave Set as well 3 stone Ring Set etc.

diamond engagement ring

Set your Diamond

After Selecting your choice diamond and ring setting 3rd step is to set the diamond into Ring setting. 

Generally, it takes 30 mins to set the diamond as per the laser inscription and diamond ring setting.

Our clients can also see the live Diamond set in the ring in our own factory.


We Specialize in GIA,IGI or HRD Certified Diamonds.

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