From Inspiration to Reality: How Your Jewelry is made at our diamond jewelry workshop

Let’s be honest. You have a specific piece of jewelry that you simply MUST own. It has evolved into the greatest piece de resistance because of its ethereally stunning design. It has successfully entered your head and now occupies every nook and cranny of your imagination. Have you ever wondered how it was manufactured or the painstaking work that goes into the exquisite design that you can’t stop thinking about as you stare at it (with your mouth hanging open)?

So, in order to address such inquiries, we will take you behind the scenes and demonstrate how your favorite Diamondsdubai products are created. As you can see, every piece of jewelry at Diamondsdubai is meticulously made in a contemporary manufacturing facility by a team of expert craftsmen and technologies.

STEP 1: Ideation and Design

Before the creation of any jewelry, our merchandising team first develops themes and ideas and searches via numerous sources in quest of the ideal inspiration. Once that is determined, our design staff begins to sketch out a variety of designs; among these designs, there is undoubtedly the magnificent one that you adore.

STEP 2: Building a prototype

Modern techniques and advanced technology are used to create a lot of our jewelry. To give you an idea of the technology we utilize, all of your jewelry’s prototypes are developed digitally and then transformed into samples using CAD and our cutting-edge 3D printer, respectively. This prototype is then centrally positioned in a rectangular mold, and a resin-like material is poured over it to create a mold of it. The prototype is carved out only to leave a complex impression structure after cooling and hardening.

STEP 3: Setting the wax

Now, the metal replica of your design is created using this impression. To do that, we first force hot wax under tremendous pressure into the mold. After the wax has cooled, it is removed from the mold, polished, and fused to a “wax tree” after being inspected for excess wax. The ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds were then individually fitted by our talented artisans into the wax molds that were soldered onto the tree, making it shimmer and gleam. Today, there are many different methods for creating jewelry, thus at Diamondsdubai, we’ve embraced what you might refer to as the “lost wax” process. The wax tree is put into a flask once all the necessary diamonds have been securely set into the molds. The flask is then filled with a particular plaster mixture, which is subsequently added to a furnace to melt the wax. Also note that we use four prong 1 carats!Since the wax require minimalistic prongs and hence the mold would ultimately spare less wastage as compared to 6 prong or 8 prong engagement ring wax design.

STEP 4: Casting

The plaster sets and the hot wax is emptied out, leaving just the hollow mold in the flask after 12 hours of baking in the furnace. A casting machine is loaded with raw metal pelletsas the flask is being prepared. Once the pellets have melted, hot molten metal is poured into the empty plaster mold and left to solidify. The metal cast, which has taken on the appearance of a tree with shimmering “sprouts,” is then removed from the plaster mold when it has cooled.

STEP 5: Diamond or Gemstone setting

At this stage , where the metal is attained in 18 carats gold form from the casting machine, the desired diamonds or gemstone are set into the holes that where kept empty along with its prongs to set in each sections. Suppose if the wax/mold was for channel setting ; then each diamonds are set in line following each other with the support of bar on the adjacent holding it tightly and eliminating any chances of it falling apart.

STEP 6: Cutting, Filing, and Polishing

These “sprouts” are then examined, removed from the tree, and sent for filing. Our expert workers polish and level the casts while they remove any excess flakes and dust that may have been on the surface. Your jewelry is checked once more by Quality Checkers who look for any unevenness. Your jewelry would be plain bland and boring without diamonds. The remaining ornamental diamonds and gemstones are set into their prongs by experienced diamond setters after they have been filed and shined.
Additionally, any loose diamonds from the casting process are reset and placed back into position. Jewelry is once more inspected to make sure your diamonds are securely and correctly set within the prongs. The cast is then polished and worked on to make it shiny and glossy after all the diamonds and gemstones have been fitted. To make sure that the jewelry is neither overly polished nor under-polished, quality inspectors checked it for uneven polishing.
Your item is immersed in a rhodium wash for a short period of time to bring out that enduring shine and brilliance. Additionally, this coating aids in preventing daily wear on your jewelry. The second round of quality checks is done to make sure the item has been plated uniformly.(You jewelry goes to rhodium wash if it was meant to be in white gold, where white alloy of 18 carats is appraised upon the jewelry and its component to acquire shinny effect that generates sparkle on the jewelry component. Whereas, if the jewelry item was meant to be in its original yellow gold, then the Rhodium application upon them is not required.)
Have you observed that after every process, your jewelry is put through rigorous quality checks? We do this to make sure that you receive diamond jewelry of the highest caliber that exceeds your wildest expectations.

STEP 7: Local or International Certification

After 2020 recession, Dubai has attracted many businesses to open their diamond & gemstone laboratory here, and hence 90% of all jewelry from factory is sent for local certification companies, like IDL, IDT thereby eliminating the long time for preparing documents and also reducing the costs involved in making international certifications. We also provide a warranty card during the delivery of your made to order diamond jewelry. Besides, we also provide international certified diamonds, like G.I.A or I.G.I or HRD that are the most profound in international stands.
As you can see, we value your priceless purchase even more than you do! Our jewelry is all made to order and can be personalized however you like. Find out more about our bespoke diamond jewelry service if you have a specific design in mind or browse our selection of diamond jewelry online.


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