Prong Setting

Prong setting diamond rings at Diamonds Dubai are a perfect example of fine craftsmanship. It is the most elegant and voguish setting which grips the center stone rigidly with little metal claw called prongs. These prongs can be round, pointed, V-shaped, flat and makes up an exquisite piece of jewelry that excel the mystic shine of the diamond held whilst being stylish and strong to ensure the diamond is safe. It is said that iridescent sparkle and blazing beauty of diamond is captured ideally in prong setting. Each Diamonds Dubai prong setting diamond ring is expertly crafted by experienced artisans to reveal the exceptional beauty which is second to none. Our every piece comes with a guarantee that it is beautiful, unique and responsibly sourced. This astonishing setting brings up the sheer beauty to the eyes, and showcases the brilliant elegance of the centerpiece which cannot be featured in any other setting. The prong setting style diamond ring sitting on a woman’s hand, enhances her beauty even more. That’s why, these diamonds rings are said to be a perfect and unforgettable gift.

Bazel Setting

Bezel setting makes up a perfect diamond ring that represents a meaningful promise of eternal love for you and your loved one. In Bezel setting, the precious gemstone is not held by prongs instead it has a thin rim of metal which is wrapped around the stone to hold the gem tightly in place. Its modern look, versatility and suitability for an active lifestyle make it a perfect choice for women. In Bezel Setting, gold and diamond get together like a single soul and two bodies. It can be a partial or full setting. In full bezel setting rings, metal completely surrounds the diamond piece, whereas in partial setting sides are open. This diamond encrusted elegant rings at Diamonds Dubai are crown to any jewelry collection. Epitomizing the iconic symbol of casual and refined jewelry, these diamond pieces are not just for today or tomorrow, but they are meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Our collection is intricately designed and crafted with expert detailing and represents a perfect balance of brilliance and design that can be worn everyday as a reminder of beauty.

Bar Setting

Bar setting is another beautiful way to set the precious diamonds. Diamond ring with bar setting features a row of fiery diamonds. This is almost similar to the channel setting, the only difference is that in channel settings metal encloses the diamonds on all sides, whereas in this diamond is left exposed on two sides. The elegant design of bar setting diamond rings at Diamonds Dubai reflects the luxurious shine which makes it an absolutely must-have for every woman. This beautiful setting can compliment a center stone or even a stand alone for an impressive wedding band or stackable ring that adds an unparalleled grace to your outfit. A ring with this type of setting is a perfect adornment for any occasion and makes up a perfect gift for wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion. Bar setting diamond ring boasts of a spectacular charm which makes sure that the sparkle on your finger will not go unnoticed.

Halo Setting Engagement Ring

In elegantly designed halo setting engagement rings, diamond sits atop surrounded by a complete loop of smaller stones making it a worthy accessory to have. If you are someone who is looking to add a little sparkle, these beautiful setting rings at Diamonds Dubai are just for you! Its unique design and dazzling look is eye-catcher and is sure to make you shine wherever you go. This one of a kind setting by Diamonds Dubai is a masterpiece that you will fall in love with at first sight. Its unique contemporary design that makes your center stone look bigger is definitely going to match all your extravagant wedding wear. This beautiful Halo setting engagement ring is one of those diamond rings that you can’t resist to buy. The splendid and delicate design of these types of rings matches with anything and everything you wear and is, no doubt, a perfect evergreen addition to your jewelry collection.


Prong Engagement Ring is the most beautiful, ultimate classic style of ring. It comes adorned with a single diamond set which is a plain mounting with usually four or six prongs. Each of our Prong engagement rings at Diamonds Dubai flaunts a traditional design with a touch of glamor that will never go out of style. The prongs securely hold the diamond and elevate it to make it more prominent and noticeable, no matter its cut or size. This dainty ring setting features sheer sparkle and can be gracefully accent any diamond shape of your choice. It’s truly spectacular design with a band of channel-set diamonds creates an astonishing show of light that extends halfway around the band. The stunningly beautiful detailing of this style of engagement ring creates an alluring aura and is sure to get everyone’s attention. Being both elegant and glamorous, this makes the perfect compliment for all your attire on all occasions.

Twin Ring Setting

Twin ring setting rings at Diamonds Dubai flaunt an intricate design that makes them look exceptional and regal. The fine detailing of these settings lend a signature shine that adds brilliance and charm to your look. This one-of-a-kind ring setting from Diamonds Dubai is sure to win your heart in a second. For the women out there who like their diamond ring to be modern and chic, the twin ring setting is an amazing choice to have! Studded with diamonds in a row, these high polished rings go well with both ethnic as well as western outfits. This beautiful setting presents a lustrous and voguish style of diamond ring for your modish and enchanting desire. Twin ring setting diamond rings truly covey classic beauty which has been expertly fashioned and crafted by professional artisans. This perfect setting is a mark of excellence that compliments all attire be it casual or part wear so just go for it and make your own style statement.

Tension setting

Each of the tension setting diamond rings at Diamonds Dubai are known for sleek, modern designs that have a unique system for securing the diamond in place. In such rings, the diamond is held solely by the power of intense tension or pressure exerted from the open ends of the metal band. It appears as if the diamond is suspended between the two ends of the shank just like a mechanical clamp which is used to secure an object between its jaws. Our amazing selection of tension setting rings are modern looking, subtle and elegant highlighting charming designs that are flawlessly crafted with neat finish. They are available in stunning designs that are eternally modern and chic and make up a sparkling ring that looks always as good as you do!


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