February 27, 2019

Buying Guide On Rose Gold Engagement Rings

rose gold engagement ring

Nothing can be better than a rose gold engagement band to symbolize your love for that someone special in your life. If romanticism were measured, the unit would be rose gold!

So, you are considering buying a rose gold ring. Undoubtedly, rose gold is unique. It’s charming! Before, we give you some important buying tips on a rose gold ring; here is how this rose gold different from various other alloys and why it makes for a unique choice for an engagement ring.

What is Rose Gold?

It’s an alloy that is made up of small percentage of gold, copper, zinc, and silver metals. These metallic compounds give the rose gold its rich, magical appearance. Apart from rose gold, there are red gold and pink gold alloys also exist and usually considered to be the same. However, his is not so, as every form of these alloys is a bit different from each other and this is the copper that is one of the key differentiating factors. Rose gold takes the middle position between red and pink gold alloys as it contains 22% copper within it that is higher than that of pink gold (20%) but is lower than 25% copper within red gold. This means that as the copper content in the alloy increases, the redness of the alloy also enhances. So, the most important buying tip to remember here is that, if you want a rose gold ring that radiates a deeply blush hue, buy a ring that has lower karat weight.

Why Rose gold Is Extremely popular choice For An engagement ring?

Rose gold has a wide appeal due to the fact that it compliments virtually all skiing complexions. This is why rose gold has been a popular option cross culturally, for so many years.

Is Rose Gold Alloy Long-Lasting?

Yes, rose gold is sturdier than white and yellow gold. This means that it is less prone to wear and tear than here mentioned metals. However, platinum is stronger than all three materials but at the same time, it is a costlier option among all! Coming back to rose gold, due to its amazing durability, it doesn’t require an exterior layer of plating and hence feels extremely light weight. This also means that a ring made up of rose gold will be scratch and dent proof as compared to rings made up of other metals.

Is Rose Gold Expensive?

The price of rose gold usually depends on the amount of alloyed metals such as copper, zinc, and silver. Not only the proportion of copper determines the color of the rose gold but also it affects its price greatly considering the fact that copper is a cheaper metal. This means that if 18kt rose gold ring contains equal amount of gold as an 18kt gold ring, it will be priced the same.

Does Rose Gold Ring dull Over Time?

A rose gold engagement ring is the perfect choice for your love as the blush persona of it only gets enhances over time and you will be surprised to know that rose gold never tarnishes. In fact, due to the oxidation, outer sheen of the alloy gets better with time. Hence the more the wearer wears the ring, the more the alloy shines.

Is Rose gold hypoallergenic?

 No, it is not at all! Due to the presence of copper in rose gold, it is not hypoallergenic. However, other metals present in the alloy, may or may not cause allergic reactions in people. This means that rose gold is safer than other metals and cause less allergic reaction in wearers.

Now, the net part of this blog is focused at selecting the right diamond for your rose gold wedding band or ring. Let’s get started!

How to Find the Right Diamond?

It can be a bit tricky for you to find right diamond for your rose gold setting. Well, when it comes down to finding a perfect gemstone for your rose gold ring, you must remember that the diamond and the setting should bring out the best in each other. For this purpose, always pick a diamond that strikes the right contrast between the gem and the ring setting. So, in the quest of a perfect diamond for your Rose Gold ring, let’s start with the shape of the rock.

Finding the Right Diamond Shape

Cushion, classic round cut, and radiant diamond shapes go well with the rose gold because of their extremely reflective facets. Because of their extremely sparkling, shiny surfaces, each of these rocks, when paired with the rose gold, offer the alloy a beautiful contrast.

The most important thing to consider here while selecting a perfect stone shape is that you should avoid pairing step cut gems such as asscher and emerald-cut with your rose gold setting. The reason is that these diamonds draw their light from their base that is nestled neatly in the ring base. This in turn, reflects more powerfully the metal’s reddish color and hence, the colorless diamond in the setting sparkles with an unwanted rosy tone.

Finding he Right Color Grade that Complements the Rose Gold

Though, it’s not easy to find the right color of your gem that best complements your rose gold setting, you can seek expert advice on this matter to help ease the process. However, you should choose a diamond with H and I color grades as they usually go together rose gold. However, if you have limited budget to work with, go for a diamond that has faint yellow color. Since, diamond price drops as the yellowish tint increases in colorless or nearly colorless diamonds, you can buy slightly yellowish diamond at a better price for your rose gold setting.

Also, a colorless gem in D to G color range will also look stunning in rose gold jewelry. So, if you are looking for rose gold ladies jewelry in Dubai, choose a diamond with color grade D to G or H and I as it will harmonize the rose gold setting.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond Cut and Clarity

 When choosing a diamond, always select a gem with heist cut and clarity grades, if your can afford. Remember that a perfect cut and clarity leave great impact on a diamond’s beauty, hence you should not compromise on the quality while choosing any diamond for your rose gold jewelry.

As you know that rose gold is made by mixing copper and solver with pure gold. To find that rosy gold appearance that charms, jewelers mix a variable percentage of alloys with gold and hence, it becomes quite difficult to distinguish the fineness of gold from one item to another. It is therefore recommended here that you should look for the quality mark on the item that you purchase.

What’s more, for finding the right gem for your rose gold ornament, it is essential that you understand the basic reason behind a diamond’s sparkle and why you should be extremely careful while selecting a perfect color stone for your jewelry made of rose gold. Let’s read it here!

You know that diamonds interact with their surroundings. How do they do that, let’s find out here. A diamonds facets act like a tiny mirror. Since, there are many facets on a stone, each of them looks just like a minute mirror. These mirrors reflect whatever is close to them, such as metal’s color or hues of prong that holds the gemstone. So, when you choose colorless diamond, the rosy tint of surrounding alloy in your rose gold jewelry will give diamond a blush deep color. This way, when you choose a diamond with color grades between D to L will pop against the setting as these are colorless gems that will reflect slight reddish tint and look stunning. On the other hand, if you select a gem with color grades of M through Z, the gem will render a softer look to the rose gold ring.

Another important tip here is that if you want a colored diamond for your special occasion, then try pairing it with either white gold or platinum just to highlight the color of your gemstone. Warmer colored gems such as ruby, spessartine, imperial topaz, and morganite pair well with warmer colored yellow gold or Rose gold settings. This means, buying a gem with slight yellow tint will be your best bet if you want to pair it with rose gold.

What’s more, you should select design and the style of your rose gold engagement ring that is inspired by the look of antique rings. These styles look classy and extremely romantic. Also, they are unique. You can discuss with your jeweler a distinguished look of your rose gold engagement ring. They can also suggest you one better than another designs to select from. Pick a style that suits your rose gold ring setting and goes very well with the center stone – the diamond.  Perfect balance between these three characters will definitely make it look distinctive.

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