April 22, 2019

Crucial Things to Know before Buying Platinum Jewelry and Wedding Ring in Platinum

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There was a time when people only used to give preference and importance to gold and diamonds. Whether it’s heavy necklaces or simple ring, people preferred to look for either gold or jewelry. The yellow metal swept the people’s minds. It was bought, gifted, and passed down from one generation to another. Now, time has changed. Nowadays, one can conveniently find pieces of jewelry in diversified metals that can literally blow your mind. It is not like that nowadays people have stopped buying gold or pieces of jewelry, people still buy it, but when it comes to giving preference to some other metal on special occasions, then people are inclined towards platinum. Rather than buying gold, they prefer to buy platinum jewelry.

Are you aware of the fact that platinum is a white metal? If no, then it is true. Along with this, it is also known as ‘metal of kings.’ It has got a reputation in the market place for its rarity, lustre, robustness, and versatility. There is no wonder that people are preferring platinum rings for their engagements and weddings. Are you planning to get your hands on the wedding ring in platinum or some other jewelry? If yes, then before buying it, there are a few things that you need to consider. Those important aspects are discussed below in a brief manner.

It is true that platinum has gained popularity recently, but in reality, it is not a new mental. It was discovered centuries ago but was not utilized to make jewelry until 200 centuries ago. It is assumed that Egyptians were the first who had made things out of platinum. However, the strategy of working was lost as time went on.

In the 1600s, it is discovered again by the Spanish Conquistadors. At that time, people thought that it was a type of gold. After a long time, jewelers found new ways of forming platinum jewelry. Do you know why it is so special, valuable, and known as the king of metals? If no, then one of the significant reasons is its dearth. Many of us are not aware of the fact that it is ten times rarer than gold. Rarity is only one feature that decides the worth of this white metal. It imparts many other wonderful features that are the reasons behind its popularity. Given below are some of them in a detailed manner.

1. Its shade doesn’t get lighter or fade away.

Are you surprised by this fact? Yes, it is 100% true! In its natural form, platinum comprises of a white lustre. This feature makes it look similar to white gold. Nevertheless, there is an imperative difference between how these two metals look. White gold comprises of a yellow undertone and must be coated with rhodium to accomplish its white look. With time this coating fades away. Thus, white gold jewellery requires to be re-plated every few years. This does not happen to the platinum. Its shine does not fade away as the time passes on. Be it a piece of new platinum jewelry or old one that has been passed from one generation to another one, its lustre will leave your mouth open with amaze. This means that your grandmother’s platinum necklace will look magnificent.

2. It is the purest metal which is taken in use to create jewelry.

Do you know that 24 carat is the rawest form of gold? Yes, this is a truth that cannot be denied. It is the purest form of gold. There is one more truth that also cannot be negated that it is soft and unable to hold its shape for a longer period. Therefore, it needs to be mixed with other metals such as- nickel or copper. The purity of gold jewelry generally varies between 58%-75%. It means that 22k is the highest purity of gold that is used by jewelry to create jewelry of diversified designs. Some jewelers also used 18k and 14k. In contrast to this, platinum is such a hard metal that jewelers do not require to mix it with other metals in order to make jewelry. Its usual purity is generally 95%. In addition to this, many of us are allergic to many types of metals, but the platinum is hypoallergenic. Therefore, jewelry composed of this metal is favourable for those who struggle with allergies because of sensitive skin.

3. Its durability will leave you surprised

Some kinds of jewellery such as rings and bangles see more wear and tear in comparison to others such as- earrings. For this reason, the intricate details of gold rings start getting disappeared as the time goes on.

However, platinum is a thick metal that is quite durable. It is perfect for everyday jewellery and will not wear out. The intricate details of a vintage platinum ring will be as clear today as they were when the ring was first composed.

4. It is strong

The strength of this white metal will leave you spellbound. Its robustness makes it favourable to combine it with diamonds or other gemstones in various types of jewelry. For example- in the prong setting ring, you can be assured that will neither loosen nor break.

Before buying the platinum jewelry, it is necessary to identify its authenticity. There is no doubt that platinum is expensive and hence you need to be ensured that the jewelery you are buying is made of genuine platinum. If you are not diligent enough, then it is possible that you may end up in buying white gold or silver in place of platinum. Given below are a few tips to assist you in identifying the metal.

1. The Platinum Hallmark – One of the important factors to seek for on a piece of jewellery is the platinum hallmark. This is written either as Pt or PLAT. If you are unable to find the hallmark, then it is possible that you are getting your hands on the fake platinum jewelry.

2. Get the Scratch Test done – This test assists in differentiating between platinum and silver. In comparison to the latter, the hardness of the Platinum is quite high. Before you purchase jewellery, run your nail along the surface. If the metal scratches, then it is sure that you are not getting the pure platinum.

3. Conduct The Magnet Test – Are you aware of the fact that expensive and valuable metals such as platinum are nonmagnetic? So, you can use the magnet test to identify whether the metal you buy is genuine or fake. To test the purity of your platinum, place it near a magnet. If it moves, then it is for sure that jewellery is not platinum or it can be a platinum alloy.

Before buying the wedding ring, make sure that you are giving money for the genuine metal. There is no point of giving a handsome amount for that product which is not even real or valuable. Nowadays, many people are inclined towards buying rings that showcases contemporary jewelry. If you want to give your grandmother’s ring to your fiancé, but are worried about its traditional design, then don’t worry. Many jewelers will showcase you the best designs that you can use in the existent platinum ring. By selecting the most favourable design, you can make alterations to the present ring without burning a hole in your pocket. Gone were those days, when people only used to prefer diamond or gold rings. Now, the time has changed a lot. People are ditching the clichés and seeking for the new things that have the potential to impress everyone. So, buy a ring that has the capability to leave everyone’s eyes wide open with awe. You will conveniently find a broad assortment of designs in rings and other types of ornaments as well.

Are you looking for the gemstones rings in Dubai? If yes, then many offline outlets offer a broad array of rings. It is suggested to buy rings only from trustworthy outlets. Make sure that you are buying a ring within your budget. Before you begin your shopping, make sure you have a fixed budget so that over-spending can be avoided. If you don’t wish to face a budget crunch, then make a definite budget. There is no relevance in buying a ring by having a hole in your pocket.

If you wish to buy a ring without going anywhere, then do online shopping. All you have to do is search online and various online portals will appear in the results that offer rings. Now, buying a ring is possible with just a click. You can choose the ring of desired gemstone and design. You don’t need to compromise with your choices. When you buy a ring online, then you don’t have to worry much about the budget. Various online stores offer massive discounts and attractive deals that help customers to save money without compromising with their choice. Now, buying the ring of your choice won’t be a rock-breaking task.

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