February 26, 2019

How To Select A Perfect Princess Cut Diamond

princess cut diamond ring

Princess cut diamond or princess shaped diamond is considered as an alternative to the round brilliant cut diamond that was the most popular diamond shape of the eighties. Although, RBC or round diamonds are still a top choice among gem lovers, princess cut diamond also takes an essential place in the list of a diamond buyer’s list. As per recent survey, a prince cut shape gem is considered as one of the most popular fancy shape diamonds in the world. Moreover, a princess cut gem was created in the 1980s by Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar. This shape was hugely inspired by French cut gemstones. The specialty of this cut shape is that the rock displays a distinctive cross pattern of a series of chevron facets when viewed from the top. The unique manner its facets are cut to create a series of chevron facets on its side gives a princess cut diamond its marvelous sparkle. If you wish to buy a princess cut diamond then considering few important things is imperative in order for finding a gem that worth the money.

How to Find Perfect Square Shaped Princess Cut Gem

A proportionate gem will accommodate any setting and it sparkles wonderfully. For this, you need to pay attention on a diamond’s geometrical symmetry. Always keep in mind that a perfect square shape stone has sharp corners and modern lines with stunning shine. Besides, in order to retain perfect square shape, this diamond must come with a length to width ratio between 1.00 and 1.05. While you are up to buying this shape gemstone, focusing at a loose diamond will be your best bet as in a setting; any flaws in the gem will be easily disguised.

Considering its Size Well

Always remember that a princess cut diamond looks bigger than a classic round cut gem. The reason for this is that, a princess cut stone has a larger top and smaller pavilion (bottom half of the rock). This means that 1 carat princess gem will be bigger than 1 carat round cut gem. So, before deciding on the size of princess stone, keep the setting of your jewelry in mind. This way, you will be able to select a diamond size that accommodates your preferred jewelry setting.

Choosing Less Sparkling Princess Cut Shape Gem over Round Cut Shape Gem

You must remember that if it is a diamond’s sparkle what you are after, then princess shape stone is not for you. Even though, a princess diamond looks bigger than a classic round diamond, it has a bit less shine than the latter gem. The reason for this fact is that the larger table of the princess gemstone catches more light but due to its small pavilion, the gem doesn’t refract entire light as compared o a round gemstone. This is why, a princess rock has lesser shine than that of a round cut gem. However, a princess cut diamond ring is an ultimate choice for any occasion like anniversaries, weddings, or an engagement due to its lovely square shape.

Considering the Cost of Princess Stone

Even though, the princess cut diamonds have similar number of facets (58 facets) as a round cut shape diamond, these are less sparkling than the latter one due to the number of chevrons on its lower half of the pavilion. This greatly affects a princess cut diamond’s overall look. Thus, princess cut gems are more affordable than a round cut gem. However, you must remember that buying a princess cut diamond will allow you to get more of the diamond rough as much as 80% of diamond rough is used for creating this shape in comparison to 50% of the diamond rough that is used for creating a round cut gem. In short, a princess cut diamond jewelry will be more cost effective for you.

How to Find Top Quality Princess Cut Diamond?

If you want that your gemstone have excellent fire, sparkle, and more brilliance than any of the princess cut diamonds out there, then you must choose a gemstone that comes with perfect cut grade and excellent symmetry and polish. So, always buy a princess cut stone that has Very Good cut grade. Thigh, they will be much more expensive than princess cut stones with ordinary cut grades. In simple words, always purchase AGS or GIA certified princess cut stones that have either Good or Very Good cut grades. Remember that cut is one of the most essential qualities to look for when buying the most beautiful princess cut gem with amazing sparkling.

Few Most Essential Tips to Consider While Buying a Princess Cut Diamond Online

  1. As stated above, cut is the most essential quality that determines a diamond’s sparkle. If you are buying this shape gemstone at a physical store, comparing diamonds side by side for picking the most sparkling one is the best solution for you. However, when you opt to buy princess shape gem online, always o for a gemstone that has Ideal cut grades as it will have enough sparkle with it. However, a princess cut diamond with Ideal cut grade is very rare and hard to find gemstone. Nonetheless, if you find one such diamond within your budget, it is the one gem you must buy.
  2. If you want your diamond to have best color than any other princess shape diamond, then, go for either a colorless gem with D, E, or F color grade or a near colorless stone with G, H, or I color grade.
  3. It is essential for you to know that princess cut diamonds are great at concealing inclusions. But if there is an inclusion in any one of the four sharp corners, then it might break the entire stone. So, while purchasing this shape stone, be sure you are picking the one that has no inclusions in any of its four sharp curves.  For this, opt to buy a princess cut gem that possesses either VS2 or SI1 clarity grade as these grades confirm a diamond as eye cleaned gemstone. What’s more, always buy a loose princess cut stone because in a setting like princess cut diamond ring it will be harder to identify inclusions.
  4. You must know here that measurements of princess cut gems may vary per carat. Here, measurements are used to define length and width ratio which tend to vary per carat weight. So, while choosing a princess cut diamond, always pick the one that has right measurements within the carat weight of your choice.

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