December 31, 2018

Most Important Diamond Buying Tips To Consider While Making The Purchase

Looking for diamond jewelry? The very first step towards this process is that buy a loose diamond instead of a preset one. Since, imperfections can easily be disguised in a setting; hence, buying a loose gem will be all good as you can easily inspect the stone for any flaws. Secondly, instead of a preset piece of jewelry, a loose diamond gives you the freedom for creating your own unique and custom design. So, whatever your reason is, always follow below rules while buying a loose diamond either at online or a physical jewelry store.


Ask for Certification

Always buy a loose gem that is certified by an independent gemological laboratory. A diamond goes through an intensive process of evaluation before it gets certified from one such third party agency. Hence, a certified gem is a proof that it is what the seller claims. So, when you buy a certified loose diamond you actually reduce the chances for getting ripped off. This way, you get the gem that represents the best value for your money. However, there are few trusted laboratories that do proper scientific examination of a loose diamond before providing the certification about its characteristics and quality. Some of top most trusted laboratories are GIA, HRD, AGS, EGL, and IGI. So, whenever you purchase a loose diamond make sure that it is certified by one such laboratory for its quality.

Make a Prudent Decision

Oftentimes, people think that buying a bigger diamond will be a lucrative affair for them. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, a bigger diamond cannot be a top quality stone as quality and size are not two aspects of the same coin. In simple words, it is rare to find both the characteristics (size and quality) in the same gemstone. So, whenever you choose to buy either a preset diamond jewelry piece or a loose diamond, it is important that you think of the quality and size of your stone beforehand. So, while sticking to your budget, decide that which feature is more important to you. When you do the proper homework then chances are that you can be able to purchase a higher quality diamond in smaller size. Else, you will end up buying a lower quality gem in larger size.

Learn the Time Management Skills

If you want a fast delivery of your engagement diamond ring, you need to choose a loose diamond and its settings under the same roof. Since, it takes a lot of time and efforts to find a loose diamond and then get it placed in your desired setting; you need to speed up the process via selecting the same place for getting both the jobs done in least time.

Seek for the Second Opinion

Since, buying a loose diamond is a big investment, you should never hesitate to seek a second opinion on which style or cut or size to go for in order to make sure you get the best quality loose gem for your jewelry. Many online vendors let buyers reach out to an expert in the field via live chat on their website. On the other hand, every physical jewelry showroom lets you meet their experts and consult with them about precise information on the gem you are up to buy. You can also go for an expert advice in case if you are unable to understand the 4C’s – Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color of a gemstone.

Above are discussed few important points that you should take notice of in order to buy the best quality gem for you. However, this discussion is incomplete without a sound understanding on 4C’s as these four characteristics of a gem play a great role in deciding its quality. So, for your convenience, below is described each of these factors in detail. If you keep these points in mind while buying a gem, you will be well on your way to buying a brilliant loose diamond.

Diamond Cut – it is one of the most important factors to consider while making the diamond purchase as it has great influence on a gem’s sparkle. Get a wrong diamond cut and it will appear dull and lifeless even though if it is a high quality gemstone. When a gem is cut with proper proportions, it reflects all the light that entered the gem out of its top surface. If it is a shallow cut gem, the light will leak out of its bottom. And if it is a deep cut diamond, the light will escape out of its sides. To determine a cut grade, gemologists use a chart that is called Cur Grade Chart. A gem with higher cut grades is considered as the best value gem and it reflects all the light that enters. However, diamonds with higher cut grades will be pricey.

Diamond Color – when choosing a gem, its color is the second most important factor to consider after the diamond’s cut. According to GIA’s standard color grade scale that starts from D and ends at Z, higher quality gems are colorless diamonds and they rank higher on this scale. This means that D colored diamonds are considered as rare and colorless gems. G and H color diamonds are nearly colorless and are less pricey than the white colored gems. Hence, these are referred to as best value gems that are a nice combination of beauty and quality. On the other hand, gems with a color grade closer to Z are considered poor quality gems as they come with a noticeable light yellow color. So, if you want to stick to your budget while buying fine diamond jewelry such as engagement diamond ring, you should choose best value diamonds that rank between G to H colors at color Grade Chart.

Diamond Clarity – diamonds can include many flaws within them. When an imperfection is on its surface it is called blemishes. In contrast, internal defects of a gem are called inclusions. So, diamonds with least imperfections are considered as higher clarity grade gems. However, clarity is the least important factor amongst a diamond’s 4 C’s as every gem has many blemishes and inclusions with them which can be only seen by an aided and trained eye, under the microscope. This is so why, it is important that you should not waste your money in buying higher clarity grade gem as it will only increase your gem’s price. Whatever the imperfection it will have, no one can actually see them. So, it will be prudent to invest in a gemstone that has higher color grade and carat weight instead of having higher clarity grades.

Still, if you are in the market for buying a flawless diamond, then try finding either FL or IF grade gem. These stones contain least imperfections and are extremely rare as all diamonds are imperfect. But if you are a budget buyer, VS and SI diamonds will be best value gems for you.

Diamond Carat – what do you understand by a diamond’s carat? If you think, a carat weight also defines the size of a gem then you completely misunderstood the term. Actually, a gem’s carat weight always refers to its weight, not the size. Now, when you consider the carat weight of a gem, you should also consider its cut grades simultaneously. Because a high carat gem with poor cut grades may look smaller than its actual size. Likewise, a smaller carat weight diamond with better cuts may look bigger. If you feel difficulty in selecting a diamond based on these two characteristics, always seek a second opinion from an expert in order to buy only the best value gem for you.

Now, here comes the most important buying tip for you in order to help you maximize your budget. You should always select a carat weight slightly below the whole and half carat weight. This means, avoid buying a 2.0 carat diamond. Instead of it, consider selecting a 1.9 carat gem. This is because, the slight size difference is unnoticeable but it will save you a great amount of money on your gem.

Another important buying tip to consider while looking for a diamond based on its carat size is that the larger the carat is the higher its price will be.

Now, while considering a diamond’s carat weight, also pay attention on following points:

 Always measure the distance across the top facet of a gem as it is the surface that is most visible when the gem is set into diamond jewelry.

Always consider a gem with excellent, very good or good cut grades as this will help even smaller carat diamond appear large, bright, and shiny.

So, whether you are looking for diamond watches in Dubai or finding a nice engagement ring for your lady luck, consider above given points and you will be well on your way to buy the best value diamond for you. This way, you will also feel confident while purchasing a gemstone.

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