February 22, 2021

Platinum Vs White Gold

When it comes to metal white gold 18kt and platinum both are famous and strong. Generally, the diamond rings as well the wedding bands made in 18kt white gold but platinum is also preferable option by clients.

There are some reasons to prefer platinum over a white gold. Platinum has a natural white while white gold is a processed gold from Yellow Gold, original color of gold is Yellow while white gold and yellow gold are the processed gold colors.

In order to make jewelries alloys will be added in gold while platinum is stronger without an alloy. Purity of platinum will be 90 to 95 % which stands for the stamp of 900 or 950 inside the platinum jewelries.

Below are some points to differentiate platinum over white gold.
platinum or white gold-thoughts


thoughts-before-choosing-metal Platinum & White Gold:

Platinum is natural white color while white gold is a processed gold of yellow gold.

Platinum is more preferable in order for allergic reasons to metal.

Platinum stays white and shiny for long time while white gold becomes dull and yellowish with time.

Platinum is expensive then white gold, sometime prices go down because of the trading or other market reasons.

Platinum is 60% to 70% heavier than white gold.

Platinum is More hypoallergenic.

Platinum is stronger than white gold when it comes to durability options.

But it’s still depends upon your choice for metal which one suits you better.

although you can not see the changing of color in sudden with gold jewelries. there are so many reasons why white gold turns to yellow. few reasons are mentioned as below.

reason could be the sweat, perfume or some alcoholic chemicals, alcoholic soap, weather.

effects are not all of sudden, it may affect after 4 years 5 years of purchase.

Other than platinum and white gold there are many metals such as silver, yellow gold, rose gold, palladium as well gold-plated jewelries too available.

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