Bazel Setting

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Bezel setting makes up a perfect diamond ring that represents a meaningful promise of eternal love for you and your loved one. In Bezel setting, the precious gemstone is not held by prongs instead it has a thin rim of metal which is wrapped around the stone to hold the gem tightly in place. Its modern look, versatility and suitability for an active lifestyle make it a perfect choice for women. In Bezel Setting, gold and diamond get together like a single soul and two bodies. It can be a partial or full setting. In full bezel setting rings, metal completely surrounds the diamond piece, whereas in partial setting sides are open. This diamond encrusted elegant rings at Diamonds Dubai are crown to any jewelry collection. Epitomizing the iconic symbol of casual and refined jewelry, these diamond pieces are not just for today or tomorrow, but they are meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Our collection is intricately designed and crafted with expert detailing and represents a perfect balance of brilliance and design that can be worn everyday as a reminder of beauty.

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