STEP 6: Cutting, Filing, and Polishing

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These “sprouts” are then examined, removed from the tree, and sent for filing. Our expert workers polish and level the casts while they remove any excess flakes and dust that may have been on the surface. Your jewelry is checked once more by Quality Checkers who look for any unevenness. Your jewelry would be plain bland and boring without diamonds. The remaining ornamental diamonds and gemstones are set into their prongs by experienced diamond setters after they have been filed and shined.
Additionally, any loose diamonds from the casting process are reset and placed back into position. Jewelry is once more inspected to make sure your diamonds are securely and correctly set within the prongs. The cast is then polished and worked on to make it shiny and glossy after all the diamonds and gemstones have been fitted. To make sure that the jewelry is neither overly polished nor under-polished, quality inspectors checked it for uneven polishing.
Your item is immersed in a rhodium wash for a short period of time to bring out that enduring shine and brilliance. Additionally, this coating aids in preventing daily wear on your jewelry. The second round of quality checks is done to make sure the item has been plated uniformly.(You jewelry goes to rhodium wash if it was meant to be in white gold, where white alloy of 18 carats is appraised upon the jewelry and its component to acquire shinny effect that generates sparkle on the jewelry component. Whereas, if the jewelry item was meant to be in its original yellow gold, then the Rhodium application upon them is not required.)
Have you observed that after every process, your jewelry is put through rigorous quality checks? We do this to make sure that you receive diamond jewelry of the highest caliber that exceeds your wildest expectations.

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