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Prong setting diamond rings at Diamonds Dubai are a perfect example of fine craftsmanship. It is the most elegant and voguish setting which grips the center stone rigidly with little metal claw called prongs. These prongs can be round, pointed, V-shaped, flat and makes up an exquisite piece of jewelry that excel the mystic shine of the diamond held whilst being stylish and strong to ensure the diamond is safe. It is said that iridescent sparkle and blazing beauty of diamond is captured ideally in prong setting. Each Diamonds Dubai prong setting diamond ring is expertly crafted by experienced artisans to reveal the exceptional beauty which is second to none. Our every piece comes with a guarantee that it is beautiful, unique and responsibly sourced. This astonishing setting brings up the sheer beauty to the eyes, and showcases the brilliant elegance of the centerpiece which cannot be featured in any other setting. The prong setting style diamond ring sitting on a woman’s hand, enhances her beauty even more. That’s why, these diamonds rings are said to be a perfect and unforgettable gift.

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