STEP 3: Setting the wax

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Now, the metal replica of your design is created using this impression. To do that, we first force hot wax under tremendous pressure into the mold. After the wax has cooled, it is removed from the mold, polished, and fused to a “wax tree” after being inspected for excess wax. The ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds were then individually fitted by our talented artisans into the wax molds that were soldered onto the tree, making it shimmer and gleam. Today, there are many different methods for creating jewelry, thus at Diamondsdubai, we’ve embraced what you might refer to as the “lost wax” process. The wax tree is put into a flask once all the necessary diamonds have been securely set into the molds. The flask is then filled with a particular plaster mixture, which is subsequently added to a furnace to melt the wax. Also note that we use four prong 1 carats!Since the wax require minimalistic prongs and hence the mold would ultimately spare less wastage as compared to 6 prong or 8 prong engagement ring wax design.

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